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  • Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan, Nishan-i-Imtiaz (Military)
  • Patron-in-Chief
  • Sargodhian Old Boys Association

Dear Sargodhians,
I assume command of PAF with one overwhelming feeling of huge responsibility that I have been entrusted with. I bow my head in humility before Allah Almighty for bestowing this great honour on me. While thanking all Sargodhians for their sincere wishes, I acknowledge that Sargodha Old Boys Association (SOBA), over all these years, has very effectively kept the valued members into its fold. Through this vibrant forum, I offer my very earnest tribute to our Alma Mater, PAF Public School Sargodha. I am sure, after attaining the status of a College, and with the true spirit of its moto 'Aim High' it will keep on producing men par-excellence, who will distinguish themselves not only in the Armed Forces but also in other fields, both at home and abroad.

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  • Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan,
    Nishan-i-Imtiaz (Military)
  • Patron-in-Chief
  • Sargodhian Old Boys Association
  • Air Marshal Saeed Muhammad Khan,
    HI(M), SBt
  • President
  • Sargodhian Old Boys Association
  • Air Cdre (Retd) Nayab Akhtar Khan,
  • Secretary
  • Sargodhian Old Boys Association


1. Air Marshal R.L.R Atcherly, the Air Officer Commanding Flying Training in Royal Pakistan Air Force, conceived the idea of having a pre-cadet school. He believed that such an institution serve as a nursery for the future pilots of Pakistan Air Force. In order to translate his vision into reality, he approached the then Defence Secretary Major General Sikandar Mirza and the Prime Minister Shaheed Liaquat Ali Khan. They appreciated the bright idea and on 1st July 1952, the approval was granted and forwarded to the then the Governor of West Pakistan Mr. Mian Aminuddin. Central location of Sargodha was considered suitable for establishing the institution. Government College Sargodha was shifted to another location and its building along with 110 acres of land was allotted for PAF Public School Sargodha.

2. An RAF contractor of UK was given the task to recruit: a principal, fourteen teachers, a trained sports coach and a bursar. Mr. Eric Sprawson, the founder Principal with his team arrived at Sargodha during 1st and 2nd week of January 1953. The Principal then selected ten highly trained teachers from all over Pakistan. The PAF recruiting officers selected boys between 11 to 14 years age group. The first entry, Roll No.1 to 103 entered the school on 1st March 1953. The second entry boys between Roll No.104 to 158 entered the school on 1st March 1955. Thereafter, every six month 50 boys entered the school. After passing out, while many were motivated to join the PAF, some of the boys opted to pursue career in Army/ Navy and others went for various professional Colleges/ Universities.

3. Old Boys informally remained in touch with each other. In the First week of August 1965, Anas Bhai arrived at Karachi to pursue his studies at Karachi University. Taking advantage of a large number of Sargodhians at Karachi, he organized regular meetings of Sargodhians. Initially the meetings were held, every Saturday at 5 pm, at the office of Ishaq Bhai (71 A), located at Victoria Road (now Abdullah Haroon Road). Anas Bhai along with Ishaq Khan Bhai, Mir Akbar Panni Bhai (78S), Varris Mujtaba Bhai (66 F) and Sajjad Azeem (122 S), Khawaja Shahid (308 A), Shafiq Alam Farooqi (296 A), Hamid Mahmood Bhai (75 A) and Late Sarwat Abdullha Bhai (67 A) participated. By the year end the number increased to more than 100.

4. Decision to form the Association of Old Boys was taken at dinner held at Jabees Hotel, Abdullah Haroon Road in the 3rd week of August 1965. The event was primarily arranged to honour our ex-Deputy Head Master Mr. Godfrey Stott. This was followed by another meeting held at Shezan Hotel at Abdullah Haroon Road Karachi on Saturday evening in 1st week of March 1966. 35 Sargodhians participated. Following were elected:

Mir Muhammad Akbar Panni President

Sajjad AzeemVice Vice President

Syed Muhammad Anas Secretary

Shafiq Alam Farooqi Treasure

5. The title of the Association as registered in 1967 was named as "The Old Boys' Association of PAF Public School Sargodha". We salute the courage, dedication and vision of senior Sargodhians who created SOBA so that we could pay back to the Nation, what we got from PAF Public School Sargodha that transformed us from raw boys to successful individuals, good human beings and useful citizens to our respective countries.


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